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The requirement for REALTORS® to complete Code of Ethics training changed to a biennial requirement (every two years) in November 2014 by action of the National Association’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

This change originated as a recommendation from the REALTOR® of the Future Work Group.  The first biennial cycle began January 1, 2017 and will end December 31, 2018.

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About the Biennial Training

Why do you have to take it?

As of January 1, 2017, through December 31, 2018, and for successive two (2) year periods thereafter, REALTORS® are required to complete biennial code of ethics training of not less than two (2) hours and thirty (30) minutes of instructional time. REALTORS® completing such training during any two (2) year cycle shall not be required to complete additional ethics training in respect of this requirement as a requirement of membership in any other Board or Association.

While BRE license renewal satisfies one two-year ethics training requirement, members must also complete a second course within a two-year period in which their BRE license does not renew to comply with the amended policy. 


Ultimately, it is the local association where the individual holds membership that will determine if the training taken meets the required learning objectives and criteria. Failure to complete the required ethics training shall be a violation of a membership duty for which membership is suspended and subsequently terminated.

Are You In Compliance?

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If you have renewed your license between the above dates, you have satisfied your ethics requirements and do not need to take Ethics Training

You can login at anytime to see if NSDCAR has received your certificate of completion. 


Once you've logged in, click on Education Information, then select Personal Education Tracking.


You are responsible for providing NSDCAR with your certificate of completion.


How to submit your certificate:


- Email to:


- Fax to:  760-734-3976


- Mail to:  906 Sycamore Ave., Suite 104, Vista, CA  92081


- Drop off at any of our Service Centers located in Vista, Carlsbad, Fallbrook, Escondido and Carmel Valley


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